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6 Key Marketing Lessons for Those Getting Started: Part 2

I am counting down important marketing lessons in a series of six articles. I kicked off with a simple command: never stop marketing. In case you missed it, you can read the first part of the series here. Up next is my second key learning, which has everything do to with patience.

LESSON 2: Marketing takes its time. Don’t give up.

It’s September and Company X — who has never talked to its customers — wants to increase its sales for the year. What’s the plan? Putting up ads. Soon, they are disappointed to find out nothing is happening. Only two months remain and sales targets are still unmet. Heads turn to the marketer. Why aren’t the ads working?

Marketing takes time. The path to sales is long and rocky. Jessica seeing Company X’s advertisement once is not enough. She needs to see it five, seven, ten times. Maybe even more. Once Jessica remembers the ad, she gets curious. For her to act on that curiosity, she needs to feel like the ad is speaking to her directly.

Convincing someone to part with their money without ever coming face-to-face with them is not easy. Put yourself in the shoes of the customer: how long does it take to convince you to buy something new from a telemarketer? As a marketing professional, you need to learn every step of that conversation. How do your customers react when you tell them something? What if you replace that with something else? In my experience, this process always takes time. It’s never done in two weeks. You need to get to know the collective feelings and motivations of the target group.

Let’s say Company X has a brand new concept for a product, and the process becomes one step longer. When you are selling something that your customers are not familiar with, you need to teach them first. Glamlin has gone through this. When we started, there was no similar service in Finland. Before we could start selling, we needed to explain the concept to our customers: what does it mean? How does it work? Where can you find us?

Upfront, customer acquisition costs are high. At this point, it helps if you have competition: you can then share the educational costs. At the end of the day, you’ll find out who has the best delivery. Your acquisition costs will also go down once your customers begin to understand what you’re all about.

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