• Anna-Riitta Vuorenmaa

6 Key Marketing Lessons for Those Getting Started: Part 3

Welcome back to my countdown of important marketing lessons. I have previously urged you to always market and to stay patient. For my third lesson, I will talk about recruitment – and why you shouldn’t necessarily do it at all.

LESSON 3: Don’t hire an in-house marketer, if you don’t have one yet.

You read my previous articles and are now convinced: marketing is important. Also, your sales prognosis looks grim. Your company needs to start acting now. Then you remember that there are no marketers on your payroll. You rush to your computer and write a job ad for a marketing specialist. However, I would urge you to stop before clicking on “publish.” Why?

Blindly hiring someone “just because” usually spells bad news. I have met many entrepreneurs who rush to hire marketers without truly understanding what they need from them. It’s okay, they think, because the marketer will know. They’ll understand what your business needs. Months go by, and then the ball drops: turns out the marketer has been focusing on the wrong things all along.

Surprised? Don’t be. Finding the right person is difficult. As a marketer, even I struggle with it sometimes. For someone who doesn’t understand what the person being hired needs to do, the chances of success are slim.

Also keep in mind that while in-house staff is an investment, it might also turn out to be a liability. As a young company getting started, it’s good to ask yourself: “is this an investment worth making?” If you are trying to stay afloat with limited resources, adding heads to your payroll may sink you.

If hiring is out of the question, what can you do? I recommend external marketing agencies and freelancers. Not only are they more cost-effective, they can also help you map out what your business needs. At Brandcrafty, we often help entrepreneurs who are just getting started. The setting works well for both: we get to dirty our hands with exciting new product launches, while the entrepreneur gets to take one worry off their list. Both parts learn together and find a solid way forward.


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